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About Polaris

Polaris has been part of the story and soul of Atlanta since we opened in 1967. Designed by architect John Portman, some said our new hotel topped with a rotating restaurant would "never fly." But when we opened, people lined up around the block just to ride the elevators and see the view. Polaris is a part of Hyatt Regency Atlanta's proud Civil Rights history. We opened our doors to everyone in our community from our first day in business. Today we're committed to supporting black owned small businesses, now featured on our menus. 

Come and take your own 'turn' in Polaris ... and be a part of our story! 

Change Starts Here

Polaris is proud of our Civil Rights history, and we continue that spirit today with a pledge to support black-owned small businesses. 

Polaris serves wines, spirits and other products sourced from an eclectic mix of purveyors that reflect our diverse, vibrant and thriving Atlanta community.

See our menu for items made by black-owned small businesses and ask your server for the latest selections provided by these creative entrepreneurs.

Our Amazing Rooftop Bees

Our Pastry Chefs are raising 1 million honeybees in our Polaris Bee Garden (which you can see from our panoramic windows).

Our bees were rescued from a trucking accident more than a decade ago, and since then have grown from two hives to more than a dozen. 

The bees produce around 1,000 lbs. of honey each spring, which we serve in our signature dishes, desserts and cocktails.